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Orthodox and Secular

Kabbalah regards the formation of secularism as something that was created purposely from above some two hundred years ago, so that man will have the choice of his path in life. Today they choose a life of religion again, or go on being secular, or commence on the path of Kabbalah.

It is virtually impossible to enter the path of Kabbalah directly from religion, because religion is built in such a way that it provides an individual with everything he needs while in it. It compels such an upbringing on him that he feels complete in everything he does. It brings him no recognition of evil. On the contrary, it constantly makes him feel happy, whole, if he only goes by the education he had always received. He will never need anything more in life. Though the religious society is in crisis today, you still cannot compare it to the way secular people are looking for their way. Because of that, the secular can find Kabbalah and thus obtain the desired situation.

If the secular turn to Kabbalah, then perhaps the religious will as well, perhaps even in the beginning of this century. Just as we’ve spoken about the evolution of the spiritual gene until 1995, we can say that until the 20th century the evolution was done through a positive religion. Now man has gone beyond it. He needs to evolve in the spiritual worlds, and religion will not allow him that. That is what Kabbalists write and protest against.

Question: So who is studying Kabbalah today?

Answer: Mostly secular.

Question: And the religious?

Answer: A person who received an upbringing that does not allow the infusion of Kabbalah will not be able to study. If he does, he will stop being what he was brought up to be. Still many feel the crisis in the upbringing and do search.

For the time being this upbringing continues and retains our identity as a nation, as the people of Israel. Without it, were would we be after two thousand years of exile? The people of the Sanhedrin, great Kabbalists in their own right, defined this way of life, but again, this form is no longer suitable for those who seek to attain spirituality.

Question: So redemption will come to the secular first?

Answer: They are the first. But it is impossible to succeed without the orthodox part of the nation. But, there are many revolutions still ahead.

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