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Between a Man and a Woman

The will to receive continues to grow everywhere. Hence we see how old structures vanish: nations, states, even the family unit is ruined. The Kabbalah is the only way to revive the family concept.

It happens because the egoism has grown to an extent where we can no longer live with anybody else, it is each one for himself. Only Kabbalah can correct this situation.

Women and children participate in the framework of spiritual development as well. They partake in activities such as translations, proofreading, preparation for printing etc. The things we do together strengthen the family unit both spiritually and emotionally. Moreover, parents who study Kabbalah brought their children to prefer people who study Kabbalah as their spouse, because they have spiritual aspirations. It is certainly a significant achievement.

However, there is no coercion in spirituality. It is a key rule. One must choose freely. It is not a coincidence that many of the children of some of the greatest Kabbalists never touched Kabbalah. After all, the desire for spirituality is not hereditary.

Question: Today there are hardly any differences between men and women. How does it work in Kabbalah?

Answer: In this world, we have no contact with our soul, which is why there is almost no difference between men and women. Anything that men do women can as well and vise-versa.

But when discussing the evolution of the soul, there is a difference between a male soul and a female soul. They are two separate worlds. Their psychology is different, their physiology, and their mentality. The desire to drop the borders between them obstructs nature and bears harmful consequences. You mustn’t go against nature. We will first learn the laws of nature and then see how they do not abide by our reason. This is the right approach: souls begin to show a female type and a male type, and this creates the separation between male and female in our world in the still, vegetative and animate as well. In rocks we cannot tell between male and female, in plants it is somewhat possible, and in animals, depends which animals, there begins to be a real difference, because mating requires two bodies instead of one. In the souls they are worlds apart. This is a fundamental issue in spirituality. Such phenomena as intercourse between members of the same sex or sex changes only exist in our world, and it is no coincidence that these phenomena are growing increasingly common these days.

Before the end of correction it is impossible to use the same system of development for things that are so opposite to one another, though at the end of correction they will be as one, with one heart. But prior to the end of correction, the male and female souls have their own separate method of development. Confusing them only inflicts harm and helps neither.

Kabbalists who have reached the end of correction know and instruct us how to behave with each sex. We have no idea how much a woman is the spiritual part of man, how much marriage means to the spiritual development of an individual, contrary to what we often think.

The methods of the evolution of men and women are completely different, just as their souls are. Because of that, the methods of the study are also different. Each should get what is right for him or for her, what he or she must.

Because of that men don’t study the way women do. It is impossible to teach men the way you would teach women and vise-versa. When you see the structure of things, you see the kind of advancement and the required methods.

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