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The Meaning Of My Life

Throughout time, man has sought answers to the fundamental questions of life: who am I? What is the purpose of my being here? Why was the world created and is there life after death?

Each of us tries our best to find the answers in our own unique way and through the sources of information at our disposal. Each of us creates his or her own unique perspective on life, depending on what we discover, and the confidence we place in our source of information.

The question of the meaning of our lives adds a global dimension to our everyday torments. And indeed, why are we destined to suffer so? That question relentlessly irritates us, denying us of satisfaction even when we do succeed in satisfying one of our mundane desires.

A person that has come to attain the goal he aspires for, quickly returns to the sensation of emptiness and dissatisfaction. In retrospect, the efforts he invested in attaining his goal and the pain he suffered along the way, provide no lasting sense of satisfaction with the achievement.

Because to this day, no answers have been provided to these questions, people continue to search in various directions, including all kinds of religions and faiths. Meditations and exercises of physical and intellectual development give us some transitory relief, but do not allow us to find the answer to the question about the essence of life and human suffering, and what our purpose is in this world. All those methods calm us down, at the expense of the nullification of our needs and desires.

But sooner or later everyone finds out that they can no longer deny reality. Humanity continuously seeks logical justification to our existence. Man has tried to inquire and interpret nature for thousands of years.

Contemporary scientists have learned that the more they progress in their scientific research, the more the picture of the world that they discover becomes obscure and difficult to grasp. Contemporary science books look more and more like science fiction, but still they fail to provide us with a clear answer as to the essence of the meaning of life.

The wisdom of Kabbalah, offers a clear and proven method to understand the meaning of our lives and our objective in the universe. That method focuses on the development of man’s ability to sense a hidden part of reality. The word Kabbalah stems from the Hebrew word Lekabel (to receive), and it expresses man’s aspiration for higher knowledge, to feel and see the broad and real picture of the universe.

Kabbalists tell us about practical methods that are based on their own personal experience. Their books convey the method to investigate the reality of that world, to attain and find the answer to the question of the essence of all life.

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