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View on Evolution from the Perspective of Kabbalah

Kabbalists who attained the spiritual degree of revelation and absolute attainment maintain that there is nothing in our reality but the fundamental desire for pleasure. That desire is called “creation”. It is made by the Creator (His light), which is why creation feels the light as pleasure, because it was created by it, whereas the absence of the light of the Creator, is felt as pain and torment of all kinds: physical pain, disease, famine and death.

Thus, we are comprised solely of negative and positive sensations. Our brain was made for the sole purpose of aiding us in the satisfaction of our needs, to realize, understand and differentiate between positive and negative desires, to find their source and realize the ability to attain pleasure and comfort.

Any action in the still nature, focuses on the preservation of its form. In plants – the primary purpose is growth; in animals – movement, sexual desires, family and society and the continuation of the species, as well as growth; in man – in addition to all the above, appear greed, desire for glory, government and knowledge. But at the basis of all that, there is still the basic desire to attain pleasure, and the mind is but a supplementary tool, whose development depends solely on the development of the desire to enjoy. Because the more one is ambitious, the more one suffers, one is forced to evolve trying to relieve the sensation of inconvenience. One is forced to evolve and thus invent new things and grow smarter.

If we artificially diminish the intensity of the desire, man feels less inconvenience, less pain at his inability to fulfill his desires and satisfy his needs. All religions, faiths and the various systems of ‘brainwashing’, meditations, yoga and so on, focus on limiting man’s natural desire. That is how they attract a person; they are meant for that alone. Man diminishes his desires, he feels better and suffers less. But humanity does not stand still. With each passing generation the souls of past generations descend to this world with a stronger desire for pleasure, for light, for the Creator, a process that does not exist in the other parts of creation. Human development is directed straight at increasing egoism and the craving for pleasure – it is the essence of our nature and our evolution. It is also expressed in all other levels of creation, because they are dependent on man and valued by man. That is why there are changes and evolution in the still nature too, as well as in plants and animals.

But only in man’s soul do the desires increase from generation to generation, because it is man, by nature’s plan, who must ultimately attain a spiritual desire to unite, to delight in the light of the Creator. That is why all other methods and religions will disappear from the face of the earth. Even today we can see it happening – they can no longer provide people with the needs, the solutions to the problems, through the suppression of desires. They do not enable genuine tranquility and completeness.

That is why only an ancient Jewish science, the wisdom of Kabbalah, that is not based on the suppression of desires, coercion and abstaining from society, has been and remains the one true means to attain peace, spiritual tranquility, genuine happiness and wholeness while living in this world. Thus, pain and torment will fill our lives and make us finally seek redemption. That is why it is said that in the last generations the wisdom of Kabbalah will become the primary, and only science. After all, what drives man to develop science, arts and everything else, if not the need to realize himself, to sooth his drive for pleasure.

We even see how families are destroyed as a result of the increasing desire to receive – the egoism. As soon as man rises one degree above animals – as a result of the development of his ambition to take pleasure – his social frameworks and his links with others change. It happens because, as it is said in the Zohar, from this generation on, the masses too are allowed to begin to study the laws of the spiritual world. That is why man can no longer go back to the ‘good old days’. Man will only be able to attain it by way of correcting the additional desire. That is possible only through the study of the wisdom of Kabbalah. Coercion and restriction of desires are inefficient, because the upper law of development, does not allow one to destroy oneself, his desire, but will make him suffer, search for the right way – how to be filled with the light of the Creator.

You can learn about evolutionary processes in our world through books that were written by scientists, physicists, biologists and others. But how the evolution of the soul is performed is what we really need to understand.

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