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Michael Laitman, PhD

Chapter 3.15 - The Birth of a Partzuf–Katnut and Gadlut of Nekudim

Keter and AVI don’t know that the Light of AB SAG, that comes from Above and gives the vessel the power to go from Katnut to Gadlut, cannot go under the Parsa. That is why, until now, the Parsa was not cancelled. But now, when Light of Wisdom begins to fill the vessels below the Parsa, the vessels begin to break, as they are still working in order to receive.

When Rosh de AVI makes a Zivug on Reshimot 4/3 there is Light of Wisdom that stems from them and enters the Guf of Nekudim. The Light that extends through GE wants to go through the Parsa and enter the AHP of the Guf. At that point, the vessels of AHP begin to receive the Light of Wisdom in order to receive. The vessels of GE that stand above the Parsa join with the vessels of the AHP below the Parsa to form one Guf. Hence, the GE break as well, the vessels of bestowal, along with the AHP, the vessels of reception.

When Light of Wisdom comes from the Peh of AVI and expands to the Guf of Nekudim, comprised of both GE and AHP, that creates the first Partzuf of Gadlut of Nekudim and it breaks into two phases:

A. The Guf vessels lose their screen.

B. They fall from their previous degree because they want to receive in order to receive.

The breaking makes the screen of the Partzuf in Gadlut (AVI) refine and rise along with Reshimot 3/2 that remain in it to the Rosh de AVI, perform a Zivug de Hakaa on these Reshimot, and produce the next Partzuf, whose Rosh is called YESHSUT (Israel Saba ve Tvuna). Once the Rosh comes out, it calculates and produces a Guf. Partzuf YESHSUT breaks and dies as well. Because of that, the screen once more refines and rises to the Peh of YESHSUT with Reshimot 2/1. These Reshimot can no longer produce a Guf because there isn’t sufficient Aviut to receive Light.

Thus we see that the two Partzufim that came out, AVI and ZON, were broken. Four Partzufim of Nekudot were produced in the process of the refining of each Partzuf. These went on to produce a total of producing a total of eight Partzufim, named "the Eight Kings," because they are controlled by Malchut (kingship); i.e., the will to receive in order to receive.

Each Partzuf consists of HaVaYaH, or four parts, which is the structure of every creature. Each part consists of its own ten Sefirot hence the total number of parts adds up to 8x4x10 = 320 (8 kings, 4 HaVaYaH, 10 Sefirot, and 320 parts). In Gimatria (numerical value of the letters) this number is called Shach, comprised of two Hebrew letters: (ש) Shin = 300 and (כ)Chaf = 20.

The breaking occurred in all the Sefirot. They were all mixed with one another so that in each broken piece there are 320 parts. Therefore, the entire work of the correction is a sorting out of each of the broken pieces.

The sorting happens by taking the least broken of the 320 broken pieces and sorting out its inner parts of Malchut, which caused the breaking. The 320 parts consist of nine Sefirot of ZON de Nekudim, and Malchut as the tenth part in those ten Sefirot. Thus, in the 320 parts there are 32 parts of Malchut.

The Light of Wisdom performs the sorting of the parts of Malchut. When it shines on each of the broken parts, it can only shine to nine of the Sefirot, meaning to 320 – 32 = 288 parts, excluding the tenth Sefira, meaning the 32 parts of Malchut.

Malchut is the only bad part, denying man the entrance to spirituality. We naturally stay away from evil, and learn to hate it, because in spirituality, hate separates, and therefore we separates ourselves from this evil (the will to receive for self).

Man is then left with 288 parts that are worthy of correction, called Rapach, comprised of (ר) Resh = 200, (פ) Peh = 80, and (ח) Het = 8, which together make up 288 and 32 parts that are unworthy of correction (i.e. parts that the creature cannot correct) made of the Hebrew letters (ל) Lamed = 30 and (ב) Bet = 2, which together make up 32 parts, also known as the Stony Heart.

After the sorting of the above 32 parts of Malchut that cannot be used, 288 parts of the broken pieces of the upper nine Sefirot that remain. The first to be sorted of those vessels are the vessels of bestowal, the GE (Galgalta and Eynaim). They comprise the ZON of the world of Atzilut.

Just as there are ten Sefirot in the expansion of the Light in the vessel from Above downward, so there are ten Sefirot inside the vessel. These were created as a consequence of the mixture of the Sefirot with the Returning Light. The ten inner Sefirot are called:

KeterMocha (Marrow)

HochmaAtzamot (Bones)

BinaGidin (Tendons)

Zeir AnpinBassar (Flesh)

MalchutOr (Skin)

The rule of the Second Restriction acts in them just as it does in the longitudinal Sefirot.

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