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Michael Laitman, PhD

Chapter 3.14 - The Division of Rosh de SAG to Five Phases

The vessels Keter, Hochma, and the upper half of Bina, are referred to as Galgalta ve Eynaim (GE), or vessels of bestowal. The upper half of Bina belongs to the vessels of bestowal because it is filled with Light of Wisdom, and hence wants to receive nothing for itself, wishes only to have the Light of Mercy. But the lower half of Bina wants to receive Light for Zeir Anpin. Partzuf Nekudot de SAG is Partzuf Bina. From the lower half of Partzuf Bina meaning, from Tifferet de Nekudot de SAG and below, there are vessels of reception:

That is why that part of Partzuf Nekudot de SAG consists of a will to receive in order to receive.

The Division of Partzuf Nekudot de SAG to Galgalta Eynaim and AHP

The place where the screen of the Rosh stands determines the form of the new Partzuf:

Once the screen stands at Nikvey Eynaim, the Kashiut of the screen determines what percentage of its vessels of bestowal the screen will use. When a Partzuf is produced under these restrictions it is called Partzuf Katnut (smallness) of Olam HaNekudim (the world of Nekudim).

Once a Zivug has been made on the restricted Reshimot of Bet de Hitlabshut and Aleph de Aviut in Rosh de SAG, the Partzuf descends to the place where the Reshimot came from. It goes under Tabur de Galgalta and expands there complete with Rosh and Guf. Rosh de Hitlabshut is called Keter; Rosh de Aviut is called Abba ve Ima (AVI, lit. Father and Mother) and the Guf is called ZON (Zeir Anpin and Nukva).

Its overall structure, Rosh and Guf, as well as any other part of it, is divided into two parts, GE and AHP.

A third pair of Reshimot that rose to Rosh de SAG along with the screen are Reshimot that moved to Nekudot de SAG from Sof of Galgalta Dalet de Hitlabshut and Gimel de Aviut. Partzuf Nekudot de SAG received those Reshimot when it filled the end of Galgalta. Those Reshimot are the ones that need the Light of Wisdom.

Once the Partzuf of Katnut of the world of Nekudim descended to its place from Tabur de Galgalta through the Parsa, Rosh de SAG gave it the remaining Reshimo of Dalet de Hitlabshut and Gimel de Aviut. In response to the demand of these Reshimot, the screen that stood at Nikvey Eynaim of AVI drops and performs a Zivug on Reshimot 4/3 (Dalet de Hitlabshut and Gimel de Aviut). Because of that Zivug, the Light of Wisdom drops to the Guf, reaches the Parsa and crosses it on its way down.

The Rosh of AVI assumes, judging by the demand of Reshimot 4/3, that the vessels of reception below Parsa can receive in order to bestow. Because of that, Partzuf AVI makes a Zivug on Gadlut, meaning on Reshimot 4/3. For that purpose, it joins the vessels of GE with the AHP in its Rosh and the Guf, which is ZON, and the Light of Wisdom expands from it down to ZON.

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