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Michael Laitman, PhD

Chapter 3.19 - The First Man

The First Man is a different creation than anything that preceded it. He is the only one that was created from the actual Malchut de Ein Sof, and is therefore the only one that can be called a "real" creature. He too was created by Malchut de Atzilut, which rose to AVI. She (Malchut) created Partzuf Adam ha Rishon just as she had created the worlds of BYA. Consequently, Adam ha Rishon is always inside the worlds of BYA.

The worlds of BYA were created standing at AVI, and continued down to the "Chazeh of the place of the world of Yetzira," with Adam ha Rishon contained in them. When born, he was at the height of all three worlds of BYA and received from BYA the Lights of Nefesh, Ruach, Neshama (NRN). Adam ha Rishon received additional Lights – NRN de Atzilut, because BYA were in Atzilut.

The state of the worlds at the time of the birth of Adam ha Rishon is called the Erev Shabbat (Friday morning). Then, by an awakening from Above, the worlds rose one degree (meaning ten Sefirot) along with Adam ha Rishon, so that the end of BYA rose along with Adam ha Rishon to the "Chazeh of the place of the world of Beria."

In that situation, Adam ha Rishon wanted to receive all the Lights in order to bestow, as it was before the breaking of the vessels in the world of Nekudim. But back in Nekudim, Rosh of AVI didn’t understand that ZON were not corrected, and hence gave them Lights of Gadlut. Consequently, ZON broke.

That understanding was lacking here with Adam ha Rishon as well, but the difference from the first breaking, as after the first reception, an innocent mistake on the part of Adam ha Rishon, he wanted to receive a second time. This time he was aware that it was a sin (an act of reception in order to receive, but he could no longer stop himself from receiving for self-pleasure.

Hence, this breaking produced the shells – the desires to receive in order to receive. The worlds of BYA fell below Parsa to their permanent state, from Parsa to the end of Galgalta. The “permanent state” is called by that name because there cannot be any lower state than that for the worlds of BYA. But they are not fixed in this place; they do have a possibility to go up and back down.

Besides the descent of BYA to their permanent place, as a result of the breaking of Adam ha Rishon, the impure worlds of BYA were created as well. They consist of the weaknesses and stand opposite BYA. Because of that, BYA are clear of any will to receive and are therefore named the “Holy BYA.” Their opposite worlds are therefore named the “impure BYA.”

The impure worlds (shells) are called:

After the sin, Partzuf Adam ha Rishon broke into 600,000 pieces. The pieces continued to break (the Torah describes them as the killing of Abel, the flood, Babylon, and more). Consequently, all that was left of Partzuf Adam ha Rishon were fragments with a will to receive in order receive, with just a spark of Light. These parts with sparks in them clothe people in this world and awaken them to spirituality, to the Light, to the Creator. This is how people are pushed to join groups of Kabbalah students.

There is yet another shell, called Klipat Noga (the Noga Shell). It consists of a mixture of good and evil. The term, "mixed," indicates that when this shell receives Light, it receives it in the good part, but immediately passes it to the evil part. The correction of the entire reality concentrates solely on the correction of the Noga Shell: to detach it from the three impure Klipot - Ruach Se’ara, Anan Gadol, and Esh Mitlakachat – that it is connected with in the evil part, and join them with the good part to holiness, to Atzilut.

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