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To the woman of XXI century

About the Need for Women to Unite

A women’s group is not just a group that consists of individual people but it is women who unite in order to participate in the spiritual ascent. Together with children and all those who don’t participate actively, women comprise the greater part of humanity. The woman’s part is very important and very powerful. If they are able to organize, then it’s great and if not, then men lack this help and pressure from women, and women lose out as well. Therefore there is need for a serious organization, mutual help and connection. If it exists, it exists; if it doesn’t, it doesn’t...

On Love and Marriage

Love is the main quality in the universe. I'd say this is the only positive quality that moves, controls, and connects all of its parts. It unites the elements of all structures: inanimate, vegetative, animate, and finally man's inner world. We call this unifying quality "love" or complete mutual acts of giving. All nature submits to the law of universal love. The only exception is the human level on which we are given a free hand to do whatever we like, and we act in defiance of this law...

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Man and Woman

There are men and then there are women, because there is the Creator and then there's the creature, created by Him—two of them, two partners in this tango. There is the prototype of the Creator—the giving, dominant leader—that's the male root. And then there's the creature—receiving, drawing closer to the Creator, bringing them together—the female root. The same applies to our life in this world. If we were to act correctly, clearly understanding how these two roots are implanted in nature and interconnected, then we would do quite well—both men and women. After all, it is not just us, but all of the nature before us is divided from above downwards into clear-cut male and female roots...

Unconditional Love

First of all, what is love? Everyone thinks that it exists in our world. We want to feel it, and possibly, we are even ready to love somebody. But what does the notion of “love” mean?..

About Men, Women and What’s in Between Them

We find ourselves in a concealed world. Why concealed? Because all of the beauty that is discovered comes especially from the concealed world. Pay attention to the extent of using make up, (hiding) because it is in the nature of a woman. This game is a natural one, and is also in the animate level among animals. It is within nature. We didn’t invent it. Disclosure is in concealment...

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