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Part 3

Chapter One

Explains the four Behinot in the Aviut, which are the four Kelim and their Shoresh...

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Chapter Two

Explains the four Olamot ABYA and the differences among them...

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Chapter Three

Explains the four Zivugim de Hakaa in the four Behinot of the Masach that generate four levels HB TM one below the other in the four Olamot ABYA...

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Chapter Four

Explains the following questions: If Hitlabshut Ohr Elyonis Ohr Hozer at the level of Hochma, will all Eser Sefirot be at the level of Hochma? If it is in the level of Bina, will all Eser Sefirot be in Ohr of Bina? If it is in the level of ZA, will all Eser Sefirot be in Ohr ZA? If it is in Malchut, will all Eser Sefirot be in Ohr Malchut?..

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Chapter Five

Explains how every Ne’etzal and creature consists of the four Behinot Aviut called HB TM, where the Ohr Elyon expands to Zivug de Hakaa on the Masach in Malchut. Their Shoresh is the Maatzil called Keter. Because every Behina is different than the other, there must be a median between them, consisting of both Behinot...

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Chapter Six

Explains how the Sefira Keter contains two Behinot: 1. The last Behina of Ein Sof, For example, Malchut de Malchut de Ein Sof, called Atik; 2. The Shoresh of the Ne’etzalim, called Arich Anpin. Together they are called Keter...

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Chapter Seven

Explains how Malchut de Atzilut came down and became the Keter of Olam Beria...

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Chapter Eight

Explains that the four Behinot HB TM are like a person with a Neshama clothed in his Guf, and the Guf is clothed in a Levush, sitting in his Heichal. Hochma is the collective of the Orot in Olam Atzilut, and it is the Neshama of the entire Atzilut, called “the Upper Adam”. He is clothed in Bina, which is the collective of the Kelim called Guf de Atzilut. The Guf is clothed by ZA, which is a Levush and Malchut is the Heichal of them all...

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Chapter Nine

Chapter nine explains that the desired perfection is that all the Sefirot in the five Olamot AK and ABYA will connect together to the Behina of the Upper Adam. The Shoresh and the Neshama are clothed in his Guf, and he is clothed in Levush and dwells in his Heichal...

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Chapter Ten

Explains that Levush and Heichal were separated from Shoresh Neshama and Guf, and became Makifim, and also the explanations of AK, ABYA, NRNH and ASMB(AB,SAG, MA, BON)...

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Chapter Eleven

Explains the Hitpashtut of Ohr Ein Sof to make Kelim in four Behinot of Aviut by picturing the organs of Adam, which are: Eynaim, Awzen, Hotem, Peh. The more Zach is more important, and Eynaim are Behina Aleph, AwzenBehina Bet, HotemBehina Gimel, PehBehina Dalet...

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Chapter Twelve

Explains Zivug de Histaklut Aleph de Eynaim in AHP, from which the Kelim de Rosh were made, and also Zivug de Histaklut Bet, from which Kelim de Guf were made...

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Chapter Thirteen

Chapter thirteen explains the matter of Zivug de Hakaa of Histaklut Eynaim in AHP, from which the Kelim were made, plus an explanation...

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Chapter Fourteen

Explains the Pnimiut and Hitzoniut of the five Olamot Adam Kadmon and ABYA, and how in every twenty-five degrees in every single Olam there are Pnimiut and Hitzoniut. It also divides the level of each and every Olam...

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Chapter Fifteen

Explains the Hitlabshut of the Orot in the Kelim, some inside the Kelim, and some around...

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Histaklut Pnimit

Ohr Yashar and Ohr Hozer, contains 15 chapters that depict thirteen kinds of Eser Sefirot...

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