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Chapter 2: The Greatest Wish of All

The Greatest Wish of All

Now that we’ve been introduced to the origins of Kabbalah, it’s time to see how Kabbalah relates to us...

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Springboard for Growth

Let’s start where we ended the first chapter. We said that things could be great if we would only learn to use our egoism differently—to bond with others so as to form a single spiritual being. We even learned that there’s a means for it—the method of Kabbalah, devised for just that purpose...

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Handling Desires

Now that we know that desires generate progress, let’s see how we’ve handled them throughout history...

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In a Nutshell

There are five levels to our desires, divided into three groups. The first group is animal desires (food, reproduction, and home); the second is human desires (money, honor, knowledge), and the third group is the spiritual desire (the “point in the heart”)...

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