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A Tale About a Little Stream A Tale About a Little Stream

In a far-away mountainous country a lake and a stream lived side by side. The lake was situated at the foot of the mountain, and the stream flowed slightly higher, on the mountain itself...

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Speedy Speedy

Life in the big city was in full swing. The sidewalks were filled with people and rivers of cars flowed through the streets. Taxicabs, buses, and trains ran from early morning until late at night. They delivered their passengers to their destinations and tried very hard for no one to be late...

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The Best Flower in the Garden The Best Flower in the Garden

As summer came to an end, all of the flowers in the garden wanted to know which flower was the best...

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The Country of "The Opposite" The Country of "The Opposite"

Once upon a time, in the country of "The Opposite," there lived a man who had a well. The man's greatest desire was to give a drink from his well to anyone who passed by. One morning, the owner of the well saw a traveler, and he said: "I see that you are very tired and hot. You are welcome to come and drink from my well"...

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The Importance of Friendship The Importance of Friendship

Once upon a time there lived a little boy. He was still a baby, and didn't know any words except for "mama" and "papa."...

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The Invisible Bond The Invisible Bond

Once upon a time there lived an evil king. He would often hurt children and grown-ups. He was a vicious and wicked tyrant and he hated everybody! One summer day the king looked outside the window and saw a stranger standing by his castle. There was crowd gathering next to him. The stranger was saying something and people were laughing. The wicked king didn't like laughter or joy. He ordered his guards to catch that person and put him in the dungeon. And it was done...

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The Little Hippo The Little Hippo

Once upon a time a little Hippo was lounging in his swamp, sulking. He wasn't in the best of moods. To be honest, his mood was downright bad. As bad as it gets. Think about it: the sky above was cloudy, unfriendly and plain boring; the water was gray and murky; even the beach and the trees were lifeless and uninspiring. On top of that, the smell in the swamp wasn't very pleasant either... yuck! If you were a hippopotamus, you'd be bored to tears too!..

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The Most Important Thing in Life The Most Important Thing in Life

There is a young tree growing on our block, right by our house. When I look at it, I think: "You should grow tall and strong, so that everyone can bathe in your shade." Every day I take a bucket and fill it with water, then bring it outside and water the ground around the tree. One day, as I was watering the tree, a young boy came up to me...

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