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The Invisible Bond

A tale about an evil king who learned to love everybody

Once upon a time there lived an evil king. He would often hurt children and grown-ups. He was a vicious and wicked tyrant and he hated everybody!

One summer day the king looked outside the window and saw a stranger standing by his castle. There was crowd gathering next to him. The stranger was saying something and people were laughing. The wicked king didn't like laughter or joy. He ordered his guards to catch that person and put him in the dungeon. And it was done.

The day ended, and the king went to bed. Lying comfortably in his elegant bed he closed his eyes and tried to sleep. He began to drift off and his dreams started to unveil. All of a sudden he saw the stranger.

"What are you doing in my bedroom?" the king screamed furiously, "You're supposed be in the dungeon!"

"No, I'm not", said a stranger with a witty smile, "I'm not just an ordinary person. I am a wizard. And we are going to embark on a journey together."

"Guards!" the king shouted in terror, but it was too late. Everything started to twirl in his eyes and the bedroom disappeared.

When he opened his eyes, he found himself in a big, beautiful city. There were many people all around, but something was very strange in this picture. He looked closer, and saw that everyone was connected to each other with thin, shiny threads. Also, he saw that the same threads linked people to animals and plants.

"What is this?" the king asked in amazement. He could easily walk through the threads without tearing them. They were like rays of light.

"This is a connection between all that exists on the planet. All of the people are dependent on each other, and all the plants and animals depend on them. They are all a part of one organism. These threads are the energy of love and kindness that allow everybody to live in happiness and joy. If people were to break these threads of love by using hate, hostility, deceitfulness and greed, then they would bring suffering and sorrow upon themselves. By hurting even one person, they can cause destruction and misfortune to many people. They can destroy animals, plants, and life.

"All of this is nonsense!" shouted the evil king, "What kind of planet is this?"

"It is your planet", answered wizard. "I just gave you an opportunity to see what really exists. Normally, you cannot see this because it is invisible. You need to understand that by spreading harm, you not only destroy the surrounding world, but eventually you destroy yourself."

"Nonsense! That can't be!" the king screamed. Just then, the king, who was in a hurry, brushed up against a pedestrian and accidentally pushed him into the river. The wizard shook his head in disapproval, waved his hand and...

The king woke up in his bedroom, and he was in a horrible mood. He immediately sent the guards to check on the stranger-wizard, but the dungeon was empty. The wizard had disappeared. The evil king was furious, so he called a knight to execute the guards. But it turned out that the knight was blind. This was because early that the morning, a gigantic fiery star flew by the planet and anyone who looked at it became instantly blind. And most people looked at it, since the entire kingdom went to work at sunrise, as that was the king's order.

"Why didn't the star-gazers do their job? Where were they?" the king screamed in rage. Later, it turned out that the star-gazers knew about the fiery star and sent a messenger to warn everybody. But somebody pushed the messenger into the river and he drowned.

Almost everybody went blind. The guards and janitors were blind, and so there was complete chaos in the streets. Blind peasants couldn't work in the fields and take care of the animals. Hungry pets ran away into the wilderness. All of the flowers faded; there wasn't anybody that watered them. The gardens became empty. Nobody could work or make anything. Nobody could serve the king. Fear and horror took over a planet.

The hungry, petrified and miserable king hid himself. But suddenly, he saw the wizard. Just as the wicked king was about to attack him, he saw the shiny thread that connected them.

"So all of this is true?"the horrified king asked.

"Yes, it's true", answered wizard. "Now you have seen for yourself how everything is interconnected. You have seen how all of us are dependent on each other. I gave you a chance to see that. And what did you do?"

"What can be done to restore everything?" cried the king.

But the wizard just smiled and... disappeared into thin air.

The king woke up and was standing by a window. It was an ordinary day summer day and people were walking by. He saw the stranger standing by his castle. There was crowd gathering next to him. The stranger was saying something and the people were laughing.

"Guards!" the king screamed and then he froze for a moment. "Go and approach that person. Offer him food and shelter, and ask him if he needs anything else."

The moment he said this, he saw that everybody was connected by shiny threads. And if they were shining, it meant that there was an energy of love and kindness passing through them. This meant that everyone would live happily ever after in harmony, joy, peace and love.

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