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II. Before there Was Time. 10. When Letters and Words Add Up

Just the Gist

The Hebrew language, and the way it is written, is a direct result of communication with the Upper Worlds. The combination of letters and the strokes of ink that make them up are laced with spiritual knowledge. Also, letters, words, and numbers are usually three separate things, but they are intricately linked in Kabbalah. Understanding their relationship gives greater spiritual meaning to each of them. Each letter and the words that they form have their own spiritual story to tell, so let’s begin telling them...

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The Ties between Letters, Words, and Numbers

In Hebrew, each letter corresponds to a number. As a result, any word or name can become a series of numbers. Numbers can be taken one at a time or added together. There is significance when words include or add up to the same numbers; the meaning of the words that share numbers are thought to be deeply related or even identical. The letters are results of spiritual sensations. The direction of the lines and shapes in a letter has spiritual meaning...

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The Building-Blocks of Life

The name of all these “games” Kabbalists play with letters and numbers is Gematria. Ancient Kabbalists perfected Gematria to a point that they could (and did) describe the whole of creation and the Creator-creation relationship using Gematria, as the following sections demonstrate...

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Discover Your Root, Discover Your Name

All the letters exist within us and nowhere else. They are spiritual Kelim, experiences that each of us has felt and will feel again, as we develop in spirituality. The Kelim perceive the Creator and when we learn the true meaning of the letters, we find within us all the lines, dots, and circles that symbolize our connection with the spiritual world. Every person has something called “the root of the soul.” As we climb the spiritual ladder and discover the letters, words, and numbers within us, we gradually come closer to our true selves...

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In a Nutshell

Hebrew letters describe a Kabbalist’s relationship with the Creator...

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