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Michael Laitman, PhD

Discover Your Root, Discover Your Name

All the letters exist within us and nowhere else. They are spiritual Kelim, experiences that each of us has felt and will feel again, as we develop in spirituality.

The Kelim perceive the Creator and when we learn the true meaning of the letters, we find within us all the lines, dots, and circles that symbolize our connection with the spiritual world. Every person has something called “the root of the soul.” As we climb the spiritual ladder and discover the letters, words, and numbers within us, we gradually come closer to our true selves.

The Creator created only one creation. This creation was divided into 600,000 pieces, which then broke into the billions of souls we have in the world today. As we climb the ladder, we realize that we are one body, and we find our place in it. This is the root of our soul.

Each root has its own name, and when we reach the root of our soul, we discover our place in the system of creation and who we really are. And we describe it with a name that is just our own.

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