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Michael Laitman, PhD

Your Body—a Container for Your Soul

Kabbalah recognizes people by spiritual characteristics. When Kabbalistic texts say a new person is created, they’re not talking about arms and legs. They mean aims and desires. When the quality of your desires is transformed for the better, you would say, from a Kabbalistic perspective, that a new person, a more spiritual you, was created. The body is merely a biological container. Organs, for example, can be replaced through transplants. Kabbalah sees the body as a vehicle through which your soul can work. To correct your soul, your body must be present and active.

Souls have only one desire while existing within physical bodies. They wish to return to their source, the level they were at prior to their descent. Your physical body, with its desire to receive, pulls the souls back into this world. Your desire to be spiritual helps your soul return to its spiritual roots.


Spiritual Sparks

This life is not eternal… for itself; it is rather like a sweat of life.

—Baal HaSulam, “Introduction to The Tree of Life”


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