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Michael Laitman, PhD

Recycle until You’re Ripe and Ready

Souls come down to earth and then up again in a cycle. They join bodies, return to the Source—another Kabbalistic term for the Creator—and repeat the process. They keep returning until they complete their correction.

You experience many incarnations, or new souls, in several ways. It can be through a troubling experience that makes you ready to question your purpose or seek new answers. It can be through Kabbalah study. When you are ripe for spirituality, for example, you may discover A Guide to the Hidden Wisdom of Kabbalah. This book can be the beginning of your conscious incarnations.

The incarnations that flow through you then return to the Source. Your “task” on Earth is to go through as many incarnations as possible so that your soul finds ultimate correction.

Why the Repeated Appearances?

Reincarnation is the repeated appearances of souls within the bodies in this world. This occurs until each soul reaches its individual end of correction.

Complete correction is a multilevel undertaking—a soul may not complete its task and return to the Root in a single cycle. On its next entry, because of the progress you may have made, it reincarnates further along on the spiritual trail.

The Creator wants you to be filled with spiritual pleasure, to be complete. That is possible only through great desire. Only with a corrected desire can you reach the spiritual world.

We’ve already determined that a desire is considered corrected only when it has the right intention. This is not automatic; the “right intention” is acquired through study. This is a process, not an instant fix.

Today, by the way, the study itself isn’t enough to get you to spirituality. You need a group of friends to support you, and you need to try to help others reach correction. This way you bond with their desire for spirituality (point in the heart), even when they are still unaware of it.

The Seed of the Soul

The purpose of your soul’s correction is more than just for its own needs. The picture is much bigger! The correction of your soul affects all souls because all souls are connected. When you first come into this world, your soul is called a “point.” Recall that we are all parts of one spiritual vessel or Kli, called Adam ha Rishon (the First Man). Recall also that the soul of Adam ha Rishon was split into 600,000 souls, which come down to this world. This world occupies a large number of bodies, each with its own soul.

If you do not build a spiritual Kli out of this point while living here in this world, your soul returns to its root in Adam ha Rishon. It is like a seed that did not evolve, unconscious and lifeless. The goal is for you to return to the exact same root in Adam ha Rishon from which you came down.

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