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Michael Laitman, PhD

A Social Network on the Spiritual Level

Question: It seems to me that people prefer to communicate by e-mails and SMS instead of speaking to each other. Why is it so?

Today the ego has evolved to such a degree that we prefer a more virtual relationship with others.

It is not that we do or do not want others. But we feel better, more comfortable, more complete when we connect with others through text messages or a computer screen, or something else.

Why? Because in this way we don’t touch others’ bodies, their external forms.

To understand why it happens, we must know the root of this phenomenon. The desire to receive in us has evolved and wishes to transcend the animal level of our bodies. The animal level has nothing further to give us; it does not provide us contact with others. However, we do seek deeper contact with others, so for the time being we turn to virtual relationships.

In the next phase, virtual relationships will not satisfy us and we will want an even deeper connection. Amidst the virtual connection, we will sense a need to be internally, spiritually connected with others.

The more removed we become on the physical level, the more we sense the need for connection. This explains the revolution of the internet and why everyone is so drawn to it.

Where does this attraction come from, which sometimes turns into an actual obsession? It comes from our wish to satisfy our need for connection with others. Although social networks and forums today are usually filled with drivel, and surely there is no true fulfillment in this connection, there is nevertheless a kind of connection here and it addicts us.

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