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Michael Laitman, PhD

Does the Creator Have a Body?

Q: Prophets who can contact the Creator say that He doesn’t have a body, or size or image. Thus, they shatter all the common concepts about the Creator. Yet, idioms such as “the hand of the Creator,” “under the foot of the Creator” are abundant. How do you explain it?

A: Not only does the Creator not have a body, but we creatures, too, have no body. The creature is not a corporeal, physical, biological body, but pure desire. The desire to be filled with the Light of the Creator exists in each of us, and it is called a “soul.”

The soul is divided into parts named after parts of the body, but there is no connection between those parts of the soul that are called by names of organs of our corporeal body. Kabbalists have found a way to express in the words of this world, concepts in the spiritual world. These could not otherwise be expressed except by making use of the language of the branches.

Kabbalists take words from this world and use them to depict spiritual powers, which are the roots of those objects.

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