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Michael Laitman, PhD

Pharaoh and the Creator are Equal

Q: Who is the Creator really, if Pharaoh had priests capable of doing what Moses did and even more? If I possess the same powers and I have everything – then how can I know that your God is better?

A: There is only one power: the Creator. He influences man in a variety of ways, using contradicting forces. Thus He forms man, affecting him in various ways, generating various reactions. In these ways, we develop an attitude to the Light and to the darkness, and an understanding of giving and receiving and so on.

The created desire in its entirety, which is equal to the Creator’s greatness, is called “Pharaoh.” A born man receives only a small desire, and little by little discovers his Pharaoh, rising spiritually to the extent that he can overcome him.

The difference between the Creator and Pharaoh is not in the power, but in the goal. If it is “for myself,” then it is Pharaoh; if it is for the Creator, then it is the end of correction.

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