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Michael Laitman, PhD

The Feeling of Shame

Q: Why did creation, Malchut of the world Ein Sof, feel shame, if the Creator doesn’t mind which way it receives?

A: You are right. There is indifference on the Creator’s part, but not on the creature’s part. Creation was formed in such a way that shame is built into it, and the creature must neutralize that feeling. In fact, in our current condition, we are unfamiliar with that sensation; it is not in us, because it can be felt only between the corrupted and corrected attributes of Malchut.

We do not have them: they are the sensations of the receiver and the giver. We do not even understand what it means to give or to receive, because in order to feel it, you must possess those two attributes. Everything we feel comes out of comparison with an opposite, but within us are no attributes of the Creator, and thus we can neither feel nor understand the attributes of creation.

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