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Michael Laitman, PhD

Where is the Soul?

Q: If science can clone people, where then is the Creator, and where is the soul?

A: Kabbalists hid the wisdom of Kabbalah for hundreds of years, and in fact, they only permitted it in our time, when the souls are ripe enough for that study. In the past, many people wanted to misuse it, but there aren’t such people anymore; people are too immersed in fulfilling their petty desires to take pleasure in such things.

The prohibition against disclosing such sublime knowledge in public was applied to other sciences, as well. Both Aristotle and Plato mention in their writings the prohibition against teaching and disclosing scientific knowledge for people to trade for money or other pleasures. They saw in the knowledge itself a power that was not to be conveyed to people for use against others. The few that were of high enough standards to keep this knowledge secret were accepted as disciples.

Unfortunately, that rule has been broken for hundreds of years, and we suffer the consequences. We did not gain a thing from our technological progress because it is not in accordance with our moral development. Therefore, all we get from it is pain.

You want to know where is the soul in a cloned person. Let me ask you this: Where is the soul in a non-cloned person? Where is it in a person who’s had an implant operation? What is a soul, anyway? Does it exist in an ordinary person, in an animal, in a wild, savage person? How developed should the body be before it is worthy of being clothed with a soul? Why doesn’t a cloned person deserve to have a soul?

The soul is a special sensory organ that I like to call “the sixth sense.” In that sense, we feel the Upper World, something we cannot feel with our natural senses. It is the reality beyond this world. That sense can be developed only through the system of Kabbalah. It is called Kabbalah (Heb. “reception”) because it is a system that enables one to receive a supreme sensation, attainment, and everything that is beyond ordinary sensation.

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