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Michael Laitman, PhD

Human Robots In Kabbalah

Q: How can you compare a living human with a mechanism, programmed by nature? In this science of yours, everything boils down to a predetermined behavior. But then, even you speak about feelings, so where is the logic?

A: You probably read about modern programmable toys. Some of them even look like real animals! They are equipped with very sophisticated programs of behavior, including seemingly spontaneous acts, and can be self-taught. In time, the program develops and a person gets the impression that the toy grows up, recognizes its name, and needs to be fed (recharged) when it expresses a desire for food.

Since people attach feelings even to their computers, they start relating to such toys in a special way. They project their emotions on it. The toy recognizes only its owner’s voice and obeys only its owners’ commands. By tuning the toy to one’s needs, a person acquires a better friend than a computer, and not worse than a dog or a human.

People are growing lonelier today. They are often single and childless. This is caused by the development of our egoism. Therefore, such robots will fill a growing part of our void. It all means that real feeling, as all of us will soon discover, is possible only toward the Source, the Creator.

We will feel toward everything else the way we do to those toys. But through the Creator, we humans will grasp the entire world and learn to love all people as we love the Creator.

Q: Will they clone people to harm mankind in the future?

A: You don’t have to be a prophet to say the simple truth: everything we do before we see the entire system of creation is only to harm us. It is only the wisdom of Kabbalah that enables us to see it.

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