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Michael Laitman, PhD

Family Disintegration

Q: What will the future connection between men and women be like, and what is the future of the family? Can Kabbalah and spiritual evolution improve it?

A: One of the consequences of human development is the disintegration of the basic family unit. Soon, the term “family” will cease to exist. As mankind evolves, the ego evolves, and we can no longer be together with others.

Once, there were towns and villages populated by large families. In the generations that followed, the basic family unit was still observed by man’s animate nature, but today even that is gone. We are alone with ourselves; nothing ties people together anymore.

That is why families disintegrate. There is an ongoing process called “the recognition of evil,” whereby ordinary, non-spiritual contact gives no reward. The basic family unit disintegrates because it is unreal.

However, genuine contact should start from within, and that is possible through only the Kabbalah. Kabbalah allows you to find your true mate, create the genuine spiritual contact with him/her. Because everything is included within it, everything else will be corrected on the human-biological level.

The amazing quality of Kabbalah lies in its ability to revive humanity. Everything we see in the development of our world comes from that “spiritual gene” in us. Humanity should come to a situation of complete fragmentation, after which a process of correction will begin.

If we want to picture the future family, it is possible only to the extent that a man, with his spiritual masculine gene, and a woman, with her feminine spiritual gene, bond in so well that they will be connected like the male and female in spirituality.

Those who have learned the wisdom of Kabbalah know that there is a Partzuf called ZON, which is Zeir Anpin and Nukva, the ideal image of man and woman in our world, the spiritual masculine and feminine origin. The same bond should exist between biological men and women. Otherwise, there will be no connection at all.

That is the situation our world is headed for. Therefore, the unification of all parts of creation, including the feminine and masculine, will take place as all other corrections, through the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Q: You mentioned that there were women prophets. What possibilities await those who come to the world in the body of a woman? Do they only perform assisting roles? Are there any exceptions?

A: This is a very delicate question. Are all the people, all nations and all types of personalities capable of attaining the purpose of creation? Or is there perhaps a difference between sexes, age, nationality, etc.?

The Creator formed His creation with still, vegetative, animate, and speaking. The lowest form is the still, and the speaking (Man) is the highest. Also, each degree is naturally divided by two genders.

Man is different from nature because he has a task he must perform: attaining the purpose of creation by himself. All other parts of creation depend on attaining their purpose of creation, their perfection and eternity, through man.

Thus, everyone ultimately attains the purpose of creation. People are also divided by degrees, and inner and outer parts. As I have previously mentioned, the feminine and masculine part of creation stand in contrast to one another.

Before our time, studying Kabbalah was the privilege of a chosen few. But from our time onwards – as was written by all the great Kabbalists of the past and as Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag, the greatest Kabbalist of our time, writes, everyone can study Kabbalah, including women. There are no exceptions.

Women usually aspire to play masculine parts, but how is the part of a woman expressed in creation? The difference between the sexes in this world stems from a difference in the spiritual root. Therefore, the method of the study and the application of the knowledge of the wisdom of Kabbalah are different between men and women. It is for this reason that they need to study separately.

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