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Michael Laitman, PhD

Spiritual Development

Q: If the meaning of life lies in spiritual elevation, what is the meaning of the lives of billions of people who do not have even one of the 600,000 souls?

A: The meaning of life of every creation, even vermin, lies in nearing the ultimate state of perfection. But the attainment of that situation does not depend on the level of still, the vegetative and the animate of nature, only on that of the speaking level, man.

Everything has a soul. Every person on earth has an animate soul, similar to that of any other animal. In addition, everyone has an embryo of a spiritual soul. People can develop that spiritual soul and become eternal. Otherwise, they remain like any other beast.

The number 600,000 is the number of sparks of the collective soul, named “Adam,” that broke into tiny pieces, and then continued to develop. Therefore, you needn’t worry – there will be enough for everybody, because the most important thing is that there will be someone who will want to receive them and rise.

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