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Michael Laitman, PhD

The Third Temple – First in Our Hearts, Then in Stone

Q: Do we have to look for the Ark? Rebuild one? How can we live without the Temple? The time has come.

A: What will you get if you find the ark, or build a new one? And if you do build the Temple, what will you do in it and with it? Will you display it to tourists? It may become good business, but nothing more than that.

We need to first reach the spiritual level of this Temple. The first Temple was of Light of Hochma (wisdom), the second Temple was the Light of Hassadim (mercy), but the third Temple has to be of Light of Yechida, the highest of all.

The Temple is built or destroyed according to how people in it match its spiritual level. Hence, in order to build the Temple we first need to reach the state ofthe end of correction. This is what you have to worry about both for yourself and for others.

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