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Michael Laitman, PhD

A Question is a Vessel

Q: Why is it that, as soon as you ask a question, the situation changes? In such a case there is no need for the answer because it always comes too late. Somehow this happens all the time. Why?

A: What matters is the vessel. Once it is completed, the Light (the answer) immediately fills it. If we’re ready for the answer, we feel the Upper Light, to the extent of the ripeness of our will. If we’re not ready for the answer, we do not feel the Light. The Upper Light is at eternal rest. It is always in us. When the Light fills the vessel although the vessel has attributes that are completely opposite to the Light - they become whole, one. Answers come precisely where there is a question.

The Creator and the creature merge in one attribute, although the creature doesn’t feel it. Kabbalists don’t hide this merging; on the contrary, they emphasize it. They do it so that others will realize that their efforts are meant to enable them to discover for themselves what is always within, but concealed because of our current corrupted state.

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