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Michael Laitman, PhD

A Curse

Q: What is a curse?

A: Kabbalah is man’s personal way to attain the Creator. Therefore, there is no worse situation than the sensation of detachment from the Creator. Thus, a state of lack of thoughts of the Creator is regarded as a curse.

But evil thoughts (thoughts that oppose the Creator) are not considered a curse, because they still maintain contact with the Creator, a situation that is better than not having any contact with Him.

The purpose of Kabbalah (Heb. Reception), which is only giving, is opposite to those who think only of themselves. As a result of that, all the terms of Kabbalah bear an opposite meaning to the ones we have in this world. We tend to materialize spiritual concepts and relate them to ourselves. Thus, we interpret the curse as something that goes against us and not against the Creator.

Q: Is there a curse in the corporeal world?

A: Perhaps you are asking about the evil eye, and the answer is: yes, it exists. In the physical world there is a possibility to harm a person, and not only in a visible way. It is possible to influence a person in every degree of this world: one’s body, his consciousness and subconscious, the inner structures of one’s body by a magnetic and bioelectric field, and heat.

A person’s fields can also be influenced by fields around another person, for example by rays that are reflected back from the eyes. It is possible to transfer anything from one person to another. It is simply a matter of technique, as is the case in the spiritual world.

A Kabbalist can convey spiritual information and his influence to another person. But unlike that which is possible in this world, there is no way to harm anyone, or even think about it.

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