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Michael Laitman, PhD

The Truth Behind the Supernatural

Q: We know people who claim they can see into the future, heal by touch and leave their astral bodies. How do you relate to that? What can Kabbalah offer me instead?

A: The things you mention are psychological emotions and sensations that belong to this world. There is nothing you have mentioned that is above our world. My advice to you is to read and try to internalize the books of Kabbalah, because as of now, you are showing some resistance to that information.

Do not fear that you might lose your ability to look at things from a critical perspective. On the contrary, only after you understand will you be able to relate critically to the subject matter.

Healing by touch and other such “wonders” have nothing to do with the spiritual world and Kabbalah. These manifestations exist in reality as an influence of one object on another, which is partly in the subconscious. But that is still below the barrier, within our world, which is affected by our corporeal-egoistic nature.

Kabbalah offers you a way to live in the spiritual world while living in ours, where you feel, see and understand the direction of your personal growth and that of the whole of mankind. Then you will see your life – past, present and future – in a more correct fashion and live more wisely.

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