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Michael Laitman, PhD


Q: How does Kabbalah relate to the term, “miracle”?

A: If the phenomenon exists in creation, in this world or in the spiritual world, the Kabbalah recognizes it and recognizes it as something that exists. If not, it does not exist.

Books of Kabbalah do not describe everything that exists in reality, but then we don’t have to know everything! It is enough for us to know only that which is needed for correction and advancement toward the spiritual world. All the degrees along the way are revealed in the process of progressing toward the goal.

An outcome that was not predicted in the present, and that cannot be predicted by the present reality, is called a “miracle.” It is something that is not supposed to happen according to the current laws.

An example is the miracle of the exodus from Egypt. We strive to attain spirituality without even knowing what we are doing. In fact, we don’t even know what “spirituality” is because we haven’t attained it yet. We aspire to something we do not really know.

The truth, we do not aspire to spirituality, because spirituality is only the desire to give, and we, by our nature, cannot want only to give. But through a special spiritual process, which occurs during the study of Kabbalah called, “from not for Her name,”we come to for Her name. At this point, our– aim changes from receiving for ourselves to “giving the Creator.”

I would say that any help that comes from Above, any spiritual ascent, any acquisition of a new spiritual attribute, any time a person equalizes self with the Creator, is a miracle. That is how it is sensed in each degree.

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