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Michael Laitman, PhD

Sensing the Good

Q: How do I avoid pain?

A: The Creator leads the world and is in constant control of it. There is nothing in the universe but the Creator. Creation is beneath Him and the Creator is the sole ruler. There is no other force but Him.

We fully grasp this when we become Kabbalists, but only our readiness and how much we can adapt our mental attributes to the Creator’s Light will determine whether or not we receive what the Creator wants to give us.

The less we can adapt to the Light, the more we suffer. The aim of the Creator is always for the best, but our own senses turn good into anguish when our attributes do not match those of the Light.

It all depends on our own attributes. If they match what we receive from the Creator, we feel the true intention of the Creator. The wisdom of Kabbalah reveals how we can alter ourselves until we reach a perfect match with the Creator, ultimately feeling only the good and the eternal.

Kabbalah teaches how to receive correctly from the Creator, and feel what’s coming to us from Him.

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