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Michael Laitman, PhD

Attempts to Feel the Spiritual

Q: I’m trying to feel the restriction, the screen and the corrected desire. Is it possible to implement them in my everyday life?

A: Anything you think you can implement, implement. Otherwise, look around you. It does not matter that later you will realize that what you see is not exactly accurate.

Use incorrect analogies; it doesn’t matter. In our world, everything is allowed because this world is here to teach, and the mistakes we make in it are not considered mistakes. Rabbi Baruch Ashlag always used to compare it to how in the past, when paper was expensive, a child would be given a piece of slate to write on so as not to waste precious paper.

At any given moment, we are faced with a different picture of the world. Each new degree is a negation of the previous. Therefore, take your sins and your mistakes in the right proportion - you should correct them, because without doing so you cannot rise to the Creator. When you use your desires with the right intent, you will rise up to the most perfect and eternal state.

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