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Michael Laitman, PhD

Confidence and Faith

Q: Fear of disappointment stops us from being happy in the present. Does it also hold back my progress?

A: For Kabbalists, attack is an ongoing operation. The fear is not the fear itself, but a fear that results from the lack of ability to feel the purpose.

Feeling the purpose is called “faith,” and it is faith that gives you the confidence to tackle pain. The disciple becomes a creature clinging to the purpose of life only to the extent that he or she can glorify the greatness of the purpose of creation. Therefore, if we work on glorifying the goal, nothing seems scary.

In addition, what is important about the goal is its connection with the Creator. After all, the Creator Himself is the goal! If you constantly strive to reach the goal, send for thoughts about Him within you, link anything that happens to you with Him, and then you can really do anything. You will acquire confidence, and the fear will leave.

There cannot be disappointments if the perfect and eternal leads you to Him. So all you need to do is to demand to feel Him!

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