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Michael Laitman, PhD

No Love without Faith

Q: This is how I understand what’s written in The Book of Zohar: a true love is faith in the true Creator. Faith in the true Creator is the true attainment of the Creator. The true attainment is a true understanding. The true understanding is when a person sees, or distinguishes, or learns – and at the same time, if his attainment is correct - that what he attains is love for the Creator and faith in Him, since without faith there can be no love.

A: You’re right. There’s nothing I can add!

The method of attainment of the Higher World is natural, since we discover it by ourselves, in ourselves and do not receive it from Above as a book. Upon discovering it in ourselves, we describe it and use it to shorten the way.

We can go the same way without the books, but it would take much longer. There are people in our time who have suffered a lot and, as a result, suddenly began to understand and feel the spiritual. There are also people who, like you, have a premonition of it.

But it’s not a genuine, definite attainment that enables you to govern yourself and your surroundings. In order to understand faster and better, we need books to guide and teach us. In the end, there is nothing more natural for one’s soul than revealing the Creator, since the soul is a part of Him.

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