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Michael Laitman, PhD

The Soul and the Physical Body

Q: Where inside the body is the soul?

A: It is impossible to describe what the soul is and where it is in the body just by observing it with our minds. That is because within us there is now only the “animate soul,” the force that sustains us. There is not an organ in our body that is capable of feeling the soul.

Q: The philosopher Deckard argued that the soul is where the “third eye” is, whereas Yogananda maintained that it is in the brain.

A: You are trying to convince me that the soul is somehow connected with the body and that it is, for example, where the third eye is. Perhaps you agree with Yogananda that the soul is in the brain, and thus you ascribe the brain activity to the soul because you, as yet, do not understand what a soul is. The soul is a desire in which the Creator is felt, a desire that enjoys with the intent “for the Creator.”

Q: Will it be possible in the future to dismantle body parts and rebuild the body from spare parts? Does that mean that it will be possible to build a biological robot that will attain the spiritual world and a soul?

A: You can replace everything in the physical body, but that has no influence whatsoever on spirituality. Spirituality means unity with the Creator. It is not in our flesh and blood bodies. In the armies of the past, it was common to believe that if a warrior killed his greatest enemy and ate his liver, he would acquire his courage and strength.

Q: This might sound absurd, but I read that in the East, when a holy man is about to die, his disciple asks permission to eat a part of the teacher’s body after his death. Is there a spiritual meaning to that?

A: You have already answered your own question, because from your words it is understood that the beliefs of the East maintain that the spirit is in the substance. That comes from a complete unawareness of the actual root of the spiritual forces.

Humanity is now awakening to all kinds of clairvoyants, eastern shamanic theories, and charlatans. This is happening so we can experience them and realize how false they are, thus bringing humanity as a whole to Kabbalah.

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