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Michael Laitman, PhD

The Animate Soul

Q: Science has already succeeded in cloning the biological body, but what about the soul?

A: The soul has no connection with our corporeal body. Our physical body can exist as a biological, “animate” body, with an enlivening force called the “animate soul.” But that has nothing to do with the Upper Soul.

We do not ask ourselves why there are cows, chickens, or cats, and what kind of soul dwells in them. Yet they too have souls, but their souls are simply the animate force that sustains them, the same force that sustains our own bodies.

Therefore, the body can be cloned and there is no problem with that. In the future, all organs, and eventually the whole body, will be cloned. But the soul does not depend on the body because man receives a soul according to well-defined spiritual laws, on which physical and biological sciences have no bearing.

There are many people in our world whose Upper Soul does not exist at all. That soul is called the “point in the heart.” There are people who have it, and there are those who still don’t. By the way, we cannot know who has it and who does not.

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