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Michael Laitman, PhD

The Multitude of Partzufim and Bodies

Q: After the breaking of the First Man (the collective soul), 600,000 parts were created. Why, then, are we so different if each of us forms a similar part of something uniform and whole?

A: The vessel, or body of the First Man, is comprised of ten Sefirot. The whole body of the First Man is, or dresses on, the thirty Sefirot of the worlds of BYA(Beria, Yetzira, Assiya): its head (Rosh) in Beria, its throat (Garon) in the six upper Sefirot of Yetzira, its body starts from the Haze (chest) of Yetzira, down to the Haze of Assiya, and its legs (Raglaim) start from the Haze through the end of Assiya.

The characteristics of the Sefirot are different from one another and are linked with one another only by the intent “for the Creator.” If the intent breaks or vanishes, then the link between the parts of the body is gone and each characteristic finds itself on its own.

What ties all the parts of the body, or desires, together is that we are all comprised of the same desires, but each of a different kind, character and shade. The fundamental attributes of the creatures are the same, but the first nine Sefirot, from Keter through Yesod, mix with the tenth Sefira, with the Malchut of each of them, in man’s ego, in different combinations in each of us. They mix by well-defined signs and groups. In this way, they cause the creation of races, nations etc.

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