Can We Agree on a Media Revolution?

“The media contributed to a 10% rise in suicides after that of Robin Williams.

When will a media revolution take place?”



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  1. Bravo! I concur 100%. Turning off the TV/Cable many years ago, turning off Facebook years ago, and turning off almost all media after Trump was elected, were the best decisions I have ever made regarding my own health and that of my three daughters. Living in Silicon Valley, Ca, makes it difficult to “turn off”, and yet it was required for me to slowly recover from my own depression. How could you not be depressed when no one looks up anymore? Media is a drug that controls our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions. Media makes you a slave and distracts you from what your own heart is trying to convey to you. The media is making our society into Frankensteins. We no longer listen to our own heart. It seems the media has become many people’s heart. The heart tells the brain what to do, not the other way around. We must listen to our heart. Thank you for this video. I will share it. Namaste.

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