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The Revelation of the New World Is in Communication

– What is so special about these internet venues of the new world? And how should they be fundamentally different from the ones that exist now?

– They have to give the new humanity, children, and youths the opportunity to connect with each other in a way that lets them conduct unceasing psychological analyses of themselves and the world. It is a connection that needs to show them how much the world depends on their psychological perception. Then their growing closeness, their exit from themselves and into others, will cause them to sense a new world. They will be enthralled by this mode of communication because they will have an enormous need for it.

The game of revealing this new world is truly fascinating. We need to create diverse psychological trainings and interesting games that demonstrate the proper method of upbringing, and how the world changes by the way we look at it. The world is relative, Nature is relative, and so are distance, space, and time. Everything unfolds in our sensations. This is what we have to show everyone.

Our current world is immobile, crusty, inflexible, and formal because we sense it through one quality—egoism—instead of two parallel qualities—egoism and altruism. When these two qualities constantly alternate in a person and intertwine in different ways, a powerful process occurs as that person begins to experience a new virtual adventure.

We need to create online venues where youths and adults of diverse mentalities can communicate freely even if they speak different languages (such as by using automatic translation). I understand that this may be difficult, but this is what we have to achieve—a point where humanity rises above language barriers, and in fact, above any differences! Then, through this type of communication, people will discover new states of being.

This process will become even more enthralling to everyone than any movie because we approach movies merely as spectators and only slightly associate ourselves with them. In the new type of communication, people will experience new states within them. They will go on internal adventures and experience such transformations that they couldn’t possibly experience anywhere else.

Naturally, the various physical drives will remain, but they will only supplement this other experience. In principle, we consist entirely of a desire to enjoy and be satisfied. The satisfaction people will feel from the intense internal, psychological states will be the revelation of a new world! It will be so powerful that if it doesn’t suppress our physical desires, it will at least turn people’s attention—even young people—from hormones (although we are not against them) to the attainment of the new world and myself within it.

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