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The Internet Above Physical Contact

– Is it advisable to have a gender or age division at the online venues where people will get together, or can the audience there be completely diverse, like in a natural situation where every person simply finds the closest and most interesting venue?

– Everything depends on the extent to which we will acclimate the internet, this virtual space. Today it is still in a rudimentary state. It will take great efforts to create new, suitable forms of communication there. There are no programs out there yet that can allow thousands of people to participate simultaneously in a forum, socialize, and see themselves in one virtual space as if they are in the same room. This is still very difficult to accomplish.

The internet has to raise us above the sensation of physical space. It has to create an illusion or the sensation of space, a feeling of being included in one another. We don’t have such instruments yet, but I hope they will be developed.

We have to use what we have. We believe that Nature is error free, that it is leading us forward, giving us precisely the opportunities that we need in order to advance. We have to use these opportunities as an exercise to gradually prepare for the future states. Then these states will come and evoke the appearance of new technologies that suit them.

– Within this virtual communication, is there room for a person’s individual talents and abilities?

– I think that differentiation will happen on its own accord. People will get together just as they do in a regular society, according to their characters, interests, and so on. I also think that there is no need to draw any distinctions between men and women. When we give people the chance to socialize, we should not place them in any sort of boundaries.

But of course, it’s best if men would socialize more with men, and women more with women. On the other hand, it’s very difficult for women to socialize in a purely female environment.

Men have to develop such connections that are not based on physical interests, but are on a higher level: the human level rather than the animate one. They have to have an opportunity to communicate, connect, befriend, and unite with one another apart from the female community.

We see that this division happens in every society: there is a male sector for men and a female sector for women. For example, even Hollywood, no matter how liberal it is, makes some movies that are intended primarily for men, and others for women.

You cannot do anything to change it. We are a part of Nature and we are naturally divided. This division between the sexes is the most vivid and the strictest. It divides everything from top to bottom, on all levels of Nature—still, vegetative, animate, and human.

Therefore, I think that our upbringing will also differentiate between people by gender. But they have to make this analysis on their own and find the best place for them to socialize, and decide the extent to which they must avoid the other sex in order to achieve unity, meaning unity of men with other men. Perhaps women can also unite in some way, but on a different level because men’s unification is inherent in Nature, unlike women’s.

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