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The Ideal Is All of One’s Free Time

– For this system to be adopted by the masses, we can use the internet. But it would also be interesting to find ways for the people who constantly communicate over the internet to meet physically. These camps can be a place where children from all over the world, who already communicate over the internet, could get together and meet in real life. How long should these gatherings be, a week, two weeks, a month, or perhaps the whole summer?

– It depends on the circumstances, but in principle, the longer the better.

That’s because this is not the type of cure where someone gets treated and released. It is not a vacation where a person goes to relax and then returns home. And this is not study that is limited by a specific amount of hours.

Rather, it is non-stop communication where a person masters the method of creating a new, integral society. And children simply absorb it. It remains in them and can always be activated, renewed, and supported.

Therefore, the ideal is to do this on all of their free time. If possible, a child should constantly be immersed in this environment.

Imagine the following good fantasy: If we could take all the children in the world and create conditions for them where they would communicate with educators only in this environment.

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