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The Language of Inner Contact

– How will this connection manifest?

– People still don’t feel the inner connection between them, which means that we have to show which actions are the most appropriate. We cannot show the right inner actions, but they can manifest in some way on the outside.

For example, I give someone a gift, thus externally expressing my inner feelings. As a psychologist, you understand very well when the internality and the externality match or don’t match. This is important in children’s upbringing in order for them to understand you correctly. Thus, using speech and body language, we will develop the language of inner contacts among us.

When we really come into this contact, we won’t need computers or the internet. We will have interpersonal contact on the level of informational, sensual, and rational fields, and we will rise to a level where our thoughts and desires are in perpetual contact. That is where we have to create a commonality called “the new humanity.”

A person can be brought to this through various external exercises such as games, panel games, discussions, conversations, large open sites for such actions, films, concerts, and theatre shows.

Any external forms of expression that people have created in order to express their inner essence may be used. We just have to add these forms of expression to the new urge, the inner impulse.

Finally, writers, playwrights, and scriptwriters will have productive ideas and infinite possibilities for being creative.

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