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The Return to the Spiritual Land of Israel

All the Kabbalists and The Book of Zohar predicted that starting from the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th, the people of Israel would commence its return to the land of Israel, after two thousand years of exile. They also predicted that at the end of the 20th century the practice of Kabbalah would become commonplace so that the majority of the nation would soon rise to the degree called “the spiritual Land of Israel.”

Those who lived in the land of Israel before the ruin of the second temple, were in the degree of the Spiritual Land of Israel, and were therefore worthy of living in it. After that, there was a steep spiritual decline, from the degree of the Land of Israel, to the degree of Abroad. As a result the sensation of the upper world was lost and they were exiled from the corporeal land of Israel.

The duration of the exile and its termination were accurately calculated by The Zohar, as well as the time of the coming of the Messiah. Because Kabbalists see how the mechanism of management of the upper worlds operates, they knew the exile would end in the beginning of the 20th century and the people of Israel would return by force to the land of Israel. But a physical return is not enough. There must be the return of the souls.

People will have to attain the spiritual degree of the land of Israel, meaning adjust themselves to the upper force that operates on this land. For that they will need the power of the Kabbalah and its books.

Throughout the history of Kabbalah, only singled out individuals wanted to study Kabbalah. They were the few who wanted to exist in both worlds. But in every generation the souls evolve and return to our world in a higher level. People have become better qualified for spiritual attainment. They are more drawn to spirituality, more egoistic and want to acquire more knowledge and attainment. Therefore, in every generation, the Kabbalah grows closer to people.

Question: What is the connection between the spiritual landof Israeland the corporeal one?

Answer: There are two parallel worlds – the upper world and our world. Everything that happens in the upper world, comes down to ours. They are built in perfect match to one another. Just as our world is divided to “still,” “vegetative,” “animate” and “speaking,” so too is the spiritual world. Just as our world consists of one collective universe with a multitude of solar systems such as our own, and numerous other stars, so the forces in the spiritual world connect and divide in much the same way.

The constructions and the links among the various objects in our world, are built the way they are, because the spiritual world is built the way it is. They are built to match the structure of the spiritual world.

A soul descends from the upper world and a new body is born in ours. The soul dresses it. From the upper world comes a certain force that operates on the body, and the body (man) begins to move. It is impossible to make even the slightest movement in this world, if the upper force does not render it the knowledge of how to do it, and provides the energy for it.

Thus, everything in our world, from atomic motion to the movement of thought, is no more than a consequence of the (instructions of the) upper forces. There is a certain spiritual force that operates on every part in our universe. That is why people who live in a certain place have a certain character, and a certain facial structure different to people who live elsewhere. If they change their location, the expression and characteristics change as well, because they become influenced by other spiritual forces. That is what happened two thousand years ago, when the Israeli nation declined from its spiritual degree. It was instantly deported from the land it lived in, the land of Israel.

If we are not corrected and do not match the spiritual force in power in the land of Israel, we feel uncomfortable. We feel that anywhere else is better than being here. But the last exile is now over. Thus, in any case we will all be forced to come and live here.

Question: But how is it possible to make those who have already returned to the landof Israel, attain the necessary degree in order to match the spiritual force called “the Landof Israel?”

Answer: This is where the tough pressure of the upper force comes into play: it creates around us a life filled with insecurity, torment and fear. The purpose of the upper management is to make us think about what is happening to us, to make us want to attain the upper world.

Thus, the pressures of the Arabs and everything that happens inside us, in our families, our nation and generally in Israel, happens so that we begin to attain the upper world, and match ourselves to this land, and its spiritual and moral stature.

All the nations will push us to the degree called the “spiritual Land of Israel,” because we must be the first to attain the spiritual world, and through us, all other nations. Thus, their completeness depends on us, and we are holding them back. It is the non-Jews all over the world who subconsciously feel the dependence on us.

This is how nature brings us to completeness and pushes us to change, through involuntary and undesirable changes. Otherwise it is impossible to make us want to change, to attain the spiritual degree called “the Land of Israel.

Question: How can we attain the “spiritual Landof Israel?”

Answer: For that, we need to open a Kabbalah book. When a person reads a book that was written by a Kabbalist, he in fact, connects himself with the upper management. And because the writer wrote the book while being in the upper world, as well as in ours, his attainment reaches the upper world, but the text is in words of our world, written with pen on paper. This way he connects the two worlds with one another.

Hence, when we read something that a Kabbalist wrote, we connect through it with the spiritual degree that he was in when he wrote it. This way, a person awakens in himself an illumination of sublime energy – the upper light. As the light descends on a person, it creates around him a sort of ‘spiritual shell’ that protects him.

The spiritual evolution creates around a person a positive environment that protects him. If one studies in a group, the joint efforts accumulate. For that reason, Kabbalists throughout the ages always studied in groups. Therefore, my students too study in groups and create new groups of students.

Other than being in a group, it is also important which texts one studies, and how one intends to receive the spiritual forces in them. The purpose of the study is not just to teach the upper world. The important thing is to bring one to attain the upper world by himself, to bring him to feel the upper guidance and teach him how to enter it and start operating in it.

With regards to Israel there is only one thing to say: our future is secured. Israel will be much bigger and stronger than it is today. But how it will happen depends on us. Whether it will happen through the light, the Kabbalah, or in a path of torment and darkness, is entirely up to us.

It depends on our conscious desire to unite with the guidance. If we insist not to be in contact with it, we will continue to suffer, until we realize we have to stop and think what we can change. Then we will again arrive at the same idea that we must connect with the management of our lives. So why wait for the plagues?

This is the important message that the Kabbalists have for all the people.

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