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Two Parts to the Soul – Israel and the Nations of the World

The terms “Jew” and “Gentile” do not relate to this or that individual, but express two spiritual situations in the same person. The word - Jewish (Hebrew: Yehudi) comes from the word – unification (Yechud), connection with the Creator, the inner essence of man’s soul and a Gentile is its outer essence. Our freedom of choice is in choosing to develop the inner part, called Jewish, and overcome the outer part, called Gentile. Israel’s situation is directly related to the approach to those two parts in the soul of each and every one of us.

Kabbalah explains that the Creator chose the Jews to be the first to learn the collective rules of the universe, and then pass this knowledge on to the other nations of the world. In order to perform this task, our nation must attain the spiritual degree called Jewish.

There are four degrees in the development of every soul: still, vegetative, animate and speaking. The developmental degree of the Jewish soul in exile was that of “still.” During this time, Kabbalists determined that it is enough to observe the Mitzvot (precepts/ commandments), in order to sustain the Jewish degree among the Gentiles.

But the minute the transition from “still” to “vegetative” began, that satisfaction was no longer enough for the souls. Now the souls needed another satisfaction: to understand the meaning of life, the meaning of the Jewish tradition and its spiritual roots. That, in addition to the Kabbalah not being prevalent at that time, brought about a situation where the soul of an ordinary Jew to not receive the needed satisfaction, and begin searching for a compensation in other methods. It found them in what we call “knowledge,” “education.”

Spiritual evolution is accompanied by the appearance of a stronger egoistic will to receive, and that is what sets off the transition to the degree of growing, where limitations, duties and social laws that were customary in the “still” society, those dos and don’ts no longer apply. In the “vegetative” degree there is no “must,” only “want.” Man wants to understand and obtain by himself, and not only knowledge. If the soul does not receive what it needs in order to develop to the next degree - that of a “Jew” - it declines to the degree of “Gentile,” where it can be satisfied indefinitely. That is what happened during the enlightenment period.

A soul that passes from the “still” degree to the “vegetative,” must evolve the way Kabbalah teaches. Otherwise it grows farther from the “Jewish” degree, because in the “vegetative” the soul is divided in two: a “Jew” and a “Gentile.” Attaining the spiritual degree of “Jewish” is the purpose of every man’s existence in this world. Each soul has a spiritual spark called “Jewish,” a spark of light inside our corporeal will to receive. That spark exists in all people, but it is revealed in the Jews first, and only afterwards in the rest of the nations. Therefore, if the Israeli nation corrects itself faster, it will help other nations obtain their correction faster too.

The spark wishes to return to its root, and rise to the exact same place and degree it had prior to its clothing in a body. If one is not given the chance to nurture that spark through the wisdom of Kabbalah, he leaves the degree of “Sacred Still” and becomes secular, the Gentile in him becomes active and fills the voids in him.

The Gentile inside and around us feels wonderful. He wishes to take the place of the Jew, and push it out. Any Jew prefers to develop the Gentile part of him. The eruption of the Gentile in us is what triggers the critical events that unfold before our eyes every day.

Families who had lost their loved ones and have met Arab leaders, expressed their understanding to the hostilities and agreed that it is a struggle for freedom. In one of the settlements in the south of the country, residents of the settlement offered to leave their land and give it to the Arabs, asserting that the Jews have experience and education and would easily settle down anywhere.

Question: Why does it happen?

Answer: The solution for this situation is in developing the Jewish part of the soul. Otherwise, we will be easily persuaded to anything, even that we should all leave the country. Because in addition to the Jewish part of us, there is inside us all the other parts as well, the Gentiles and the Arabs. Our soul is built that way on purpose, so as to ultimately bring us to love and share with all other nations. But that is for the future. In the meantime we are wearing out the Jew in us and nurturing the Arab. Thus, the Arab in us writes textbooks of the above kind, approves them and makes our children study from them.

It therefore depends on the education. We must provide for the right education: explain to our children and ourselves the purpose of creation, what our role entails and why the Creator chose us.

Education must begin at an early age. We are all obligated to spread it. By that we allow the entire nation to determine its own fate, influence Providence and become independent of whichever government is in power.

If we agree to the upbringing we are offered today, our children will eventually grow up ignorant of the history of the Jewish people. The independence war will be regarded as an occupation war, everything about the Jewish heritage will be contemptible in their eyes and our own children will cultivate an Arab state here.

The Arabs will no longer need the Intifadeh. They will understand that they will attain nothing by force, and realize there is another way to work if they want to destroy us: they must pretend to strive for peace, for love, and put on a nice display, a mutual embrace. One state without identity certificates to indicate one’s identity.

The absence of attainment of the upper providence will set off the next holocaust. We, and only we, must stop it now! The examples I have brought here show how necessary and how urgent it is to bring to everyone’s awareness the knowledge of the purpose of providence, the purpose of our lives and the reason for our troubles, so that we will choose the right way for ourselves.

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