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The Path of Corrections

In 1995 began a process where each and every soul, meaning each individual must start dealing with more than just our own life, pursuing honor, money, sex and education, but also spirituality, the root of our souls.

This process began, according to Kabbalah, several decades ago, but since 1995 reality has begun to pressure Jews more acutely in order to lead this change and commence on a process of spiritual evolution.

We cannot escape our duty, our fate. Every person must learn and know how the world and its management operate. We must learn about the collective force of nature, and were we, as actual human beings – unlike all other living creatures – should find our place in the system that guides the universe. If we do not take the law of evolution, which guides the universe, into our own hands, nature will pressure us more aggressively without any consideration.

We will eventually have to answer one question: Why does it happen? Why do all these inner and outer troubles, disasters, plagues, wars and killings happen? That question will bring us to know the very law of evolution, and thus change our very future. It depends on us alone.

Question: Has the time come for the redemption of the entire human race?

Answer: Yes. The Jewish people must be the first to go and the Gentiles will follow. In the end, every one will attain the end of correction and a new level of existence.

Question: How long will it take before it happens?

Answer: It depends on us entirely. It might be decades of suffering, or only a few years of studying the laws of nature, which are more inclusive than we know today. Then we will simply begin to be ‘real’ “human beings.” Meaning, when we plan our tomorrow, we will know what we are doing, what reaction we will get from nature and what we will get for our actions. Then we will know the regularity of nature and do only what is good for us.

Question: Is there a reason this is happening now of all times?

Answer: Yes. Judging by the development of the souls, it is time. The Ari from Zephath had written about this in the 16th century. It was a soul that came down to prepare an open system for study that would be understood by all. Today the development of the souls has come to a degree where there are people (though not all) who can already study it. To some, it will take some more time, but there are millions who are already at this degree of development.

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