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What are Corrections?

Question: Can one complete one’s correction through Kabbalah?

Answer: Certainly! A person can complete the process within a few years, and will not have to incarnate and suffer again in this world.

Question: What is the completion of the correction, according to Kabbalah?

Answer: If our souls have thus far been developing only by reincarnating generation after generation, life after life and pain after pain, then now, when we are starting to learn the spiritual law, then while studying, even in the preliminary phases of these laws, we accelerate the evolution to such an extent, that the lives we were supposed to live, for which we would have had to live and die again, pass within one lifetime. A person can go through hundreds of lifetimes and attain the end of his correction in one cycle.

Question: What is the end of correction?

Answer: It is when a person comes to a state that inside him, he begins to live in a different dimension to other people. He begins to see his life not merely as a matter of life and death, but relates to his biological life as insignificant. He lives his inner world. In this situation, the entire universe and the world of all other souls become his natural habitat. Biological life and death affect him as much as cutting his hair does. It is a different level of existence.

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