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The "I" as a Part of Reality

Question: Does it mean that a person no longer feels his ‘I’ that he himself no longer counts?

Answer: One begins to perceive what his soul is, and through it he begins to see that it is one of many other souls, that all the souls are a part of one soul, called Adam.

Because of that he begins to relate to society and to the whole of mankind differently, Jews and Gentiles alike. He begins to see himself as an integral part of the collective, and feels responsible for everyone. They are all the same for him. He no longer needs education or moralities, since he has now learned the way and knows the actual law of nature which from now on will be his only teacher indicating right from wrong.

Question: Do the steps he makes come from the sensation that he is a part of something big?

Answer: There has to be an awareness inside man, so that he would see himself, the entire universe and reality, and let only that teach him. That is the best and most natural way. In that case, every person learns according to the root of his own soul, which is the way for him to become a part of reality, and how he should complement it. All the moral systems are illegitimate in the eyes of Kabbalah.

Question: Is it really possible?

Answer: Those things are natural and very simple. They are also the closest to us, not only for infants who study everything on a clean plate, but to each and every one of us. All we need is the sensation of the collective reality, to see and know what it is like.

This is the difference between Kabbalah and all other methods.

Question: Why do people who study other methods never attain the end of correction?

Answer: All other methods are based on the destruction of human nature, the diminution of the will to receive and the egoism. Diminish it, never develop it, feel less and breathe less; eat less, move less and think of something narrow. These things do not develop the individual; they turn him into a vegetable, or even less. It is not about the evolution and the revelation of the outer nature. On the contrary, those who follow these methods feel certain things only because they kill themselves, and then they feel more liberated.

The wisdom of Kabbalah maintains that you have to develop your ego and all your feelings, good and bad. It even suggests that you obtain an additional sense, a sixth sense, called “a screen and returning light.” With it you can feel laws that are outside this world, such that we cannot even perceive with our ordinary senses, but they are real. They control the entire reality, and there is one thing that only man can change there, and you have to come to the level where you change that thing, and thus become the leader of this entire reality.

For man to become the leader of reality is the entire goal of reality. This collective law is called, “Creator.” We are now entering a new era. Whether we like it or not, nature will pressure us until we recognize the necessity to know these laws. But in the meantime, between the place we are now, and the time we recognize the necessity, there will be tough times: torments will increase in order to force us to recognize the necessity to know why we suffer and why nature isn’t good to us.

Question: Is this the push from behind?

Answer: Instead of a push from behind through pain, we want to give people a chance to pull from before, through the circulation of the wisdom of Kabbalah, so that it would bring everyone to know these rules. One should know that he actually escapes all his troubles, his personal, health problems, family and kids. One should know that through Kabbalah he really does obtain tranquility, peace and wholeness.

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