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The Recognition of Evil

Question: Does a person find more evil as he evolves?

Answer: Yes. The Creator created this evil on purpose. There are forces (also called “angels”) that are placed inside man as evil forces. They appear in us in negative forms so that man will make a positive use of them in his labour. That is precisely how man studies the laws of reality. He learns to lead it and then takes an active part in it.

Question: How does one detect the evil in him?

Answer: A person cannot see himself as evil as long as he has not attained the screen and the returning light.

Question: Is this an intellectual recognition of the evil?

Answer: Not at all. It is not about things we call evil in our world, like robbery, stinginess or suspiciousness. Those are not considered evil, egoism, or will to receive. The actual will to receive begins only from the barrier and up. It is born as the left line in man, as a force that wants to act against the spiritual law.

That will constantly pushes man to break the spiritual laws, which are the laws that guide reality. At this stage, one must examine and understand what the consequences of breaking the law might be, or what would be the outcome of keeping it.

When he sees everything and understands everything, he decides – No! He chooses to keep this law in a positive way. That decision corrects his soul and joins the forces that he has corrected to the collective management of reality.

Every thing that exists in what we call our beastly nature does not count before we cross the barrier and enter spirituality. They are below that line. Our entire life in this world is not a part of the spiritual world, the Mitzvot, the sins none of them count.

Hence, before we cross the barrier, we do not exist in the spiritual sense. You can see it in all the charts and tables in Kabbalah. All the spiritual worlds end in the barrier, in this line called “the point of This World (Olam ha Zeh). Our world is below that point because the Kabbalah does not relate to it. We have no grip of spirituality in our world; we are below the spiritual line.

Question: Does a person see his desire in himself or in the things around him?

Answer: All the processes take place inside man. Even now, in our world, we perceive only the world inside us, though we think that we perceive something outside us, we in fact perceive only what happens inside us.

Question: Does one feel like he is separating from the world at the end of correction?

Answer: One’s work is not with our world, with other people, or with the spouse and children. Those are mere companions, outer clothing. Spiritual states are completely internal. No one around the correcting person feels this person is acting on a spiritual level. Everything happens internally, but the consequences are beneficial for all.

Question: How does it happen that a person sees something that he never saw before?

Answer: He acquires a screen for that.

Question: How does this process work?

Answer: Light comes and hits the screen. A person begins to see more and more parts of reality depending on the size and strength of the screen and the returning light. It is much like our ordinary senses function. If my eardrum is missing, I cannot hear the noises around me. I can only do that if I have an eardrum and if it is sensitive enough.

The sensitivity of the screen depends on its coarseness on the one hand, and on the sensitivity on the other. The sensitivity is the measure of its spiritual refinement. Therefore, the screen must be as thick (coarse) and egoistic as possible, and at the same time as refined and corrected as possible. That, in fact, is the goal. Accordingly, a person perceives more and more of reality until it is fully included in him.

Question: How does he build his screen?

Answer: He receives the coarseness of the screen from the left (the measure of the egoistic desire), and the forces of refinement he receives from the right. As a result of these two things he builds his individual screen, his middle line. The middle line in you is what you build from the negative and positive put together, and that is the “human being” in you.

Question: How does one decide what to do, and what is the thing that makes one decide?

Answer: If one of the forces is more powerful than the other, then there is no longer any choice here, the choice is made (regardless of the force being positive or negative). Only if the forces are equal one retains the free choice.

Question: Is the positive force what makes us evolve?

Answer: Regrettably, our world is developing through the negative force. We run forward from troubles, pushed by them from behind. The positive power does not pull us ahead, hence the many pains in our lives.

The decision can only be made when one is perplexed and cannot choose which way to go – toward which line. Then he must cling to the upper one, find what is called the NHY(Netzah, Hod, Yesod) of the upper one inside him. There is always a part of the upper one inside us, because the upper degree is in us from the start. All the degrees are built like cones that sit one on top of the other.

The lower part of the upper degree is always inside the upper part of the lower degree, while its lower part is inside the lower still degree. Thus all the degrees are linked together, you can feel what is above you, and through the upper one feel even what is above it.

Question: Once he has examined and saw everything before him, and made a decision, there is only one thing to do: leave his entire degree and take on a new one. Is this how I activate my ordinary desire?

Answer: No, you adopt the desire of the upper one only after you realized your own degree entirely.

Question: Can’t we understand that process using the terms we have today?

Answer: You can never understand the process with your own mind. That’s the wonder of it. When you are in a certain spiritual degree, you cannot understand a higher degree with your own mind. If you have enough wisdom to bring you this far, only to this degree, then how can you choose? That is why the question of how to choose is irrational to begin with.

So after you have examined everything inside you with your own mind, in your awareness, all the negative and positive, the phenomena and consequences and the properties, you come to know your own degree. But what do you do with it afterwards, how can you know what to do if it’s above you?

Only afterwards the upper one in you begins to show itself. And then you perceive him with your will. When that happens you are ready to leave everything and hold on to him with your desire, just like jumping off a cliff. You will do anything if only to receive the reason of the upper one, you cling to him like semen in the womb, nullifying everything only to stay in the womb. There you begin your growth. And then the process of internal growth begins, the nine months of conception, and then the two years of infancy, the thirteen years of smallness and finally the adulthood of the soul.

Question: Does a spiritual birth lasts that long?

Answer: Today, it can be a matter of months, weeks or even days.

Question: Is it up to me?

Answer: You are told that to begin with, nothing depends on you; accept the speed, the acceleration.

Question: Every time a person comes to a point where he has to understand the degree he is in, should he be completely desperate with it?

Answer: You always work out of desperation.

Question: But I happen to know a different situation

Answer: You are lying to yourself. Man is only a will to receive. Even when the will to receive wants to give, you are still only partially in that degree, and nothing more. In this degree you can already see that you have realized yourself to the fullest, and now you have an even stronger desire to be above that corrected state, this corrected state in the spiritual degrees necessitates you to grow even more.

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