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The Desire to Receive in Spirituality

Question: Does the will to receive become a will to receive not for myself?

Answer: Yes, for another.

Question: I want to receive more in order to give more?

Answer: Yes, because reception in order to give – “in order to bestow” – means giving.

Question: Is this the difference between this world and the world above the barrier, where I receive only in order to bestow?

Answer: There it is incomprehensible how you can receive for yourself.

Question: So above the barrier a person has no desire to receive in order to receive?

Answer: Except biologically, for the physical existence of the body. Because of that you only sustain what is necessary for it. Other than that, there is simply no need or demand for it. A person eats, drinks and sleeps. He does only what he must in this world.

Question: He has no desire for respect?

Answer: The spiritual degree determines all the desires and the inclinations. If you are already in contact with the Emanator, the upper reality, what respect is there to speak of? It is like walking into a kindergarten with all the kids crying, “Daddy,” or “Look what a big man!” It is not the same source of pleasure. To a person above the barrier, this world becomes fictitious; there is nothing he can receive from it.

Though you can find beauty in the games the children play, but they are no longer for you. This is how the world appears to someone who had crossed the barrier. Our world is a thousand degrees lower than his. It becomes intolerable to such a person, because one always judges from ones own perspective.

Question: What is his reference point for judgment, is it the outer world?

Answer: He feels the world inside him. That is why the outer world keeps changing for him; it is always different.

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