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The Barrier Before Spirituality

Question: How does a person behave above the barrier?

Answer: He cannot act against any person, or work for self-gain. It must be with a tendency to restrict, where he does nothing, if he cannot perform an act of bestowal toward the world, toward other souls.

He relates to souls, not you or me or other people. He sees things in a different level. All his actions are bestowal, and so is his approach. Because of that his thoughts and actions often seem strange to someone not in the same degree. I often saw it with my own rabbi. The reason for that is that this is what the behavior of a more spiritual person appears like on the outside.

Question: So in fact, the barrier is a very high degree.

Answer: Yes. The degree of the ego is the exit from the ego. It is called the exodus from Egypt, and it is a very difficult, even tragic situation, it is a crucial point. Above the barrier everything becomes clear and you have a small vessel with which to understand spirituality and where you are in it. You have some contact with the Creator, a thin thread, and an exit to the world. You are not yet a scientist and you still cannot change anything, but you are already here.

The most difficult thing is to reach, and cross the barrier. After that, it becomes a lot easier, comfortable and beautiful, you are under the impression of the upper world, and this is an entirely different situation. But until you get to the barrier there are letdowns and delays, people leave and other despair. It is a very tough road, demanding diligence and willingness to suffer.

There are a hundred men in the group, each wanting to reach the barrier and go on from there. This group will develop spiritually to become as big as a nation. The entire Israeli nation will climb to a spiritual degree, and all the nations of the world will follow. That is what Kabbalists aspired for throughout the generations. There are no secrets here, it is written in the books. But it is not just the books. We are here today because we see that this is the goal, the purpose and the reason for our existence.

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