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II. Before there Was Time. 11. Body and Soul

Just the Gist

Reincarnation is usually thought of as an event where a person lives and dies several times. But the notion of being reborn into a different identity is not the only form of reincarnation. In Kabbalah, a reincarnation is every time you make a step in spiritual growth. For example, if you correct yourself intensely, you can experience many lifetimes in a matter of minutes. On the other hand, when you go on without correcting yourself, you may never experience a single incarnation. This is how reincarnation is defined according to Kabbalah...

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Your Body—a Container for Your Soul

Kabbalah recognizes people by spiritual characteristics. When Kabbalistic texts say a new person is created, they’re not talking about arms and legs. They mean aims and desires. When the quality of your desires is transformed for the better, you would say, from a Kabbalistic perspective, that a new person, a more spiritual you, was created. The body is merely a biological container. Organs, for example, can be replaced through transplants. Kabbalah sees the body as a vehicle through which your soul can work. To correct your soul, your body must be present and active...

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Recycle until You’re Ripe and Ready

Souls come down to earth and then up again in a cycle. They join bodies, return to the Source—another Kabbalistic term for the Creator—and repeat the process. They keep returning until they complete their correction. You experience many incarnations, or new souls, in several ways. It can be through a troubling experience that makes you ready to question your purpose or seek new answers. It can be through Kabbalah study. When you are ripe for spirituality, for example, you may discover A Guide to the Hidden Wisdom of Kabbalah. This book can be the beginning of your conscious incarnations...

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Where and What Is a Soul?

Location, as you and I think of it in time and space, does not exist in the Upper Worlds. What happens when the soul goes back to the Source? Actually, the soul returns to its root in Adam ha Rishon. “Root of the soul” is the place of the soul in the system of Adam ha Rishon. This is a spiritual location that is very close to the Source, the Creator. You cannot find this spiritual location with the five physical senses...

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Some Q&A’s

All the souls on Earth have been here on previous occasions. It is like a dinner party where the guests keep going in and out. Each time they return, they learn something, leave, then bring it to the next party, which is held in a new house (person). All their experiences from past parties are applied to their present visit. Also, each time a soul visits, its desires strengthen and evolve because of its development in yesterday’s party (life)...

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In a Nutshell

Souls continue returning to Earth until they achieve complete correction...

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